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Content Analyst® for Smallworld

Dynamic maps based on advanced powerful filtering and thematic capabilities

What’s the true value of your Smallworld GIS data?

Empower the geospatial data-driven strategy of your company

Business Analytic framework that allows any user analysing their data to find the answer they need and helping your organisation to quickly and accurately identify which areas or assets are in need of attention or improvement
Achieve better map results and improved data quality
Generic, data model agnostic that can learn and derive from any network structure and logic
Combining results from different predicates ( attributes, relationship, topology, buffering, proximity…) applied to multiple assets at the same time.
Easy to use. Outstanding performances, even on very large datasets
Fully integrated in Smallworld desktop application and third party Web solutions
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Value Proposition

Main Concepts


Allow visibility control defining what records are visible on map according to filter engines


Asset style modification applies and propagates according to filter engines


Rendering additional geometries on the map based on analysis results(e.g. buffer areas or dynamic labels)


Extends significantly the query capabilities of Smallworld to get exactly what you need to see


New tabular reporting capabilities that are unique with Smallworld GIS


Visualise what engines contribute and impact the analysis results

Content Analyst Examples

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